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North/South Towers Suite Middle Room (comes unfurnished).
North and South Towers Suite Middle Room
This photo shows a suite that you would find in North or South Tower.
One view of a North and South Tower Double Room
Another View of a Towers Double. All rooms in the Towers Complex have sinks in the rooms.
Another View of a Towers Double
North/South Tower Suite. This is a view showing how the suites are connected with the middle room. The bedroom portions have their own doors.
North/South Tower Suite
Sing/Trusler Double Room. All rooms with the complex come with a bed, desk, chair & wardrobe per person.
Sing/Trusler Double Room.

Home Sweet Home
Comfort and care. That’s what you probably think of when you think of home. When you’re an incoming freshman living in Singular, Trusler, North or South Tower that’s exactly what you’ll find. You’ll meet new friends that will last a lifetime, watch television with your floor until all hours of the night, and, of course, work on all those papers and projects for class, all within the comfort of your new home with a staff that cares about your success.

Life in the nest

Your new home offers a variety of activities throughout the year for you to engage your peers. A Reception Center is located in the main Towers lobby and provides services for you including: sending and receiving mail, handling your lockouts, and assisting with your maintenance concerns. Your new home is secured with a card- access system that only allows students living in the building to enter. Parking for you is located directly outside the front doors of the main Towers lobby and immediately north of Singular and Trusler Halls.

Shared Comforts
     - Air-conditioned             
     - Sinks in every bedroom
     - Community bathrooms on each floor that Res Life staff clean and maintain
     - Ping-Pong, pool, and Foosball tables in the main Towers lobby
     - Wireless and wired internet available throughout all buildings
     - Laundry facilities on-site (included in your room rate - no need for quarters!)
     - All four buildings connected through sky-walk and lobby

Singular/Trusler Comforts
     - Singular and Trusler were completely renovated in 2014
     - Each student has their own Twin XL bed (can be bunked or lofted), desk, chair, and wardrobe [furniture dimensions are listed below]

Towers Comforts                                                                                             
     - Renovations completed in 2007                
     - Each student has own Twin XL bed (can be bunked or lofted), desk, chair, and wardrobe [furniture dimensions are listed below]
     - Main lobby was completely renovated over summer 2015                                                                                                    

Your Room Options
     - Single – One bedroom for one student (only available through ADA Accommodations)
     - Double – One bedroom shared by two students 
     - Suites – Two bedrooms adjoining an unfurnished living room shared by four students

**If you require specific accommodations for your living space, you should contact the Student Accessibility and Support Services at (620) 341-6337 or via e-mail, or at this mailing address:

Student Accessibility and Support Services

1 Kellogg Circle, Box 4023

Emporia, KS 66801-5087 

Check out room floor plans here:

Towers Double/ADA Single Floor Plan

Towers Suite Floor Plan

Trusler & Singular Double/ADA Single Floor Plan *Note rooms may differ slightly in measurement from floor plan*

Furniture Dimensions

Towers Double/Suite

Desks (2): 3’ 6” wide, 2’ deep, 2’ 6” high

Wardrobes (2): 22.5” wide, 22” deep, 72” high

Window (1): 6’ 1” wide, 4’ high with a 6.5” ledge

Sink (1): 3’ wide x 2’9” deep x 2’10.5” high

Singular/Trusler Double:

Desks (2): 35.34” wide, 23.34” deep, 29” tall.

Window (1): 106” wide, 4’ tall with a 6.5” ledge.

Wardrobes (2): 35.5” wide, 23.34” deep, 72” tall.

Sink (1): 3’ wide x 2’9” deep x 2’10.5” high

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