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Business Community

School of Business program

We are excited to be partnering with the School of Business to offer a co-curricular living-learning community for anyone interested in Business. While we are working closely with the Faculty and Staff of the School of Business for this community, you do not need to be a Business Major to live on this floor.

The purpose of this community is to complement the curriculum of the School of Business, provide out of the classroom experiences and engagement around business and management on a dynamic living community where you can make lifelong connections!

 School of Business program

Goals of the BRLC (Business Residential Learning Community) mirror the School of Business Goals:

  1. To develop and deliver high-quality undergraduate business programs built upon an academic foundation in arts and sciences and strategically-focused graduate business programs.
  2. To prepare students for successful professional careers through developing their knowledge and skills.
  3. To recruit, develop, and maintain faculty who pursue teaching excellence, scholarship, and service to the profession.
  4. To provide a culture of intellectual inquiry that promotes an awareness of global issues, ethics, and social responsibility.
  5. To promote effective engagement among individual students and the School, the University, and the global community.


School of Business programOn the Business Community you will be in a unique position to connect with Faculty, local business owners and Alumni to mentor you. This is the premiere community for anyone interested in Business, and you do not need to be a business major to live here.

We will be updating this page soon with an outline of the Business Floor Curriculum! Some of the events that we will be hosting with the School of Business include:

Be on the lookout for an updated outline of the events taking place on that floor being updated this summer!

School of Business program