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On-Campus Living

Living on campus puts you right in the middle of it all! You are close to meals, classes and all of the great events happening on campus! Check out #HornetLife to find out more about the great things happening on campus!


Group of students on Wooster bridge

The Memorial Union has undergone a complete renovation to enhance your experience with us. As a part of this, the dining hall now includes a brick oven, numerous dining stations, and much more!  Go to the Dining Services Web Page for more information on hours, mealtimes and cost.

Your Responsibilities
Living on campus may represent the first “contractual” agreement you have ever signed. As a resident on campus, you have a right to an appropriate environment in your housing facilities. You are responsible for contributing positively to that environment. Upon moving into the residence halls, you are responsible for the following:

Aerial of Campus1. The rules and regulations of the State of Kansas, Emporia State University, and the Residence Halls as stated in your handbook. You are responsible for knowing these rules and adhering to them at all times.
2. Attending your floor meetings. Floor meetings are a big part of your floor community and you are responsible for all information discussed at floor meetings. If you are unable to attend one, please let your Resident Assistant know.
3. Activities that occur within your room. Even if you’re not present or involved in the policy violation, you may be held responsible.
4. Your guests and their conduct while present in the halls. Residents may be subject to disciplinary action because of their visitor’s behavior.

Your Roommate Agreement
The secret to being successful roommates is being able to talk with each other about issues as they come up. While talking about issues may feel uncomfortable, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Talking about concerns in advance won’t guarantee you’ll be compatible roommates, but your chances of getting along and avoiding problems before they start will be greatly increased. If you take the time to get to know each other and help each other, you will be able to make the most of residence hall life. Residential Life uses the roommate agreement as a tool that you can continue to revise and refer to in order to help living together be more harmonious.

Getting to know people takes time. Don’t expect to be best friends overnight; or if you are already best friends, remember to be patient with each other. The way to be good roommates is to talk through questions about your living habits and routines, how you will share the space and actions that frustrate you. Be sure to hear what your roommate(s) tell you about their habits. Remember, be honest, patient and open for future discussions. If you're looking for ways to meet new people other than your roommate then get involved in the Emporia State community.

Photo of a bulletin board that says "Carpe the heck out of that diem at Emporia State"

Room Change Process

If you are currently living in the residence halls and are interested in a room change, visit with your RA or Complex Coordinator in order to fill out the required form.  We do not permit room changes during the first two weeks and last two weeks of each semester.

You can read about the specific complexes here!


Morse Complex South, Central and Northeast Morse Hall 

Towers Complex Singular, Trusler, North and South Towers