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Mission, Vision & Values


We enrich the University experience through community, engagement and personal development.


Residential Life will be the premiere student housing choice in Emporia.


Education: Create developmental opportunities for students and staff while supporting the academic mission of the University

Collaboration: Working with others to achieve a common goal

Engagement: Participating and investing in everything we do

Innovation: Actively seeking ways to improve

Sustainability: Develop processes, tools and systems that ensure the ongoing success of Residential Life

Inclusion: Encourage and respect the contributions of others

Service: Dedicated to providing the best experience through the commitment to others and cultivating relationships

Diversity Statement:

The Department of Residential Life at Emporia State University is committed to the development of inclusive and affirming communities in which each resident is welcomed, validated and appreciated for their uniqueness and contributions to the community. We regard multiculturalism as integral to the very spirit of the residential environment and challenge our residents to be open to learning about others while sharing of themselves.

Each and every member of the residential community has the right to an environment which embraces, values and seeks to understand all members of our community with an appreciation for their age, ability, color, creed, race or ethnicity, cultural background, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, religious affiliation or spiritual affinity, socioeconomic status, physical appearance, educational level, or family structure.

Learning to live in a diverse community can be a new and challenging experience. As we are all members of the residential community we must each take a role in identifying and challenging any bias, assumptions, ridicule or prejudice and do so from an educational standpoint. Only through education and personal experience will we be able to break down stereotypes, biases, fear and discomfort.

Like diversity itself, our efforts to fulfill this vision will evolve as we learn alongside each other. We invite feedback and suggestions on how we can build upon and strengthen our efforts to develop an inclusive community within the residence halls.

Reporting Bias

If you witness any form of discriminatory behavior, direct or implied, please report it. Reports can be made to any member of Residential Life Professional Staff, the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the Office of the Dean of Students or the University Affirmative Action Officer. For more information on Residential Life policies and procedures please see our Residential Hall Handbook. For more information on University policies and procedures please see the Student Handbook.

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