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Guidelines for Presenters


The poster templates are provided if you choose to develop a poster in those formats.  The 4' x 3' format is not required, although anything larger is discouraged.  Posters do NOT have to be printed on one 4x3 sheet.  These templates are only provided as an option and a resource.  If you have questions about this, please contact Bryan Jones or Ashley Brandt.

If you choose to use one of the poster templates or to create your own 4 x 3 poster, it may be printed in the ID Center in the Memorial Union.  Go to for information and pricing on their service.  A submission form to have your poster printed is included on that page.  Do NOT wait until the day before to have your poster printed.  They will be very busy then and you don't want to take a chance on not having your poster printed in time for the poster event.  So plan ahead!

Science Poster template - this template is in PowerPoint format and is for a 4' x 3' poster in landscape format. Posters in this size and format can be printed in the ID office in the Memorial Union.

Humanities poster template - this template is better suited to non-science posters.  It is also for a 4' x 3' poster in landscape format.

Poster foam boards:  Black poster foam boards will accommodate posters up to 4' x 3'.  If your poster is larger than that, you will need to supply your own poster board.  Foam boards require easels.  If you will be supplying your own poster board, you should still request an easel unless the board is free-standing. Please see pictures below for examples of foam boards and easels.

Tri-fold display boards:  Tri-fold display boards are 4' x 3' and will set on top of a table.  These do NOT require easels. Please see pictures below for examples of tri-fold display boards.

Oral presentations:  Students have 12 minutes for presentations.  This schedule will be strictly adhered to, so please prepare your presentation to stay within that time frame.

We have room for 40 oral presentations.  If numbers warrant, oral presentations will be selected that meet the following definition of research and creativity:

"Undergraduate research is an endeavor that complements and enhances the teaching and scholarship efforts of faculty. It is an active collaboration with students to examine, discover or create knowledge or creative works using methods commensurate with the practices of their discipline."

For students only:  If you choose to submit both an oral and a poster presentation, you will need to submit a separate form for each presentation.

Posters will need to be set up in Webb Hall by noon on April 24th; however, you will not need to be present until the poster session begins at 1:00 PM  The exhibit hall will be open at 9:00 AM.


Poster Presentation Tips

The following sites are offered as resources if you would like more information on developing your poster.  Please contact Ashley Brandt at if you have any questions.


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Foam Board with Easels

Foam board example1 foam board example2

Tri-Fold Display Boards

Tri-fold display board1 tri-fold display board2