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Information for Grant Proposals

The information provided below should be used when preparing proposal budgets.  Please contact the Research and Grants Center if you have any questions.

Supplemental Payments for 12-month personnel

Supplemental salary payments for 12-month unclassified personnel (i.e. department chair, associate dean, or director), may be requested in proposal budgets under the following circumstances:

Supplemental salary payments may NOT be requested for a School/College Dean or Provost.

Contact the Research and Grants Center if you have questions about this.


Fringe Benefit Rates

Please use the following in calculating fringe benefits for grant budgets. Note that student and graduate assistant wages are subject to leave assessment in addition to worker's compensation. If students are not enrolled (may occur in the summer), their wages are also subject to FICA at 7.65%. The employer fringe benefit cost for University Support Staff (USS) and unclassified employees not receiving retirement or health benefits is 10.05% for FY 2018, and 9.106% for FY 2019.  Fringe benefits must be calculated for all state employees (ESU or otherwise) receiving compensation, whether they are classified as employees or consultants. 

USS = University Support Staff      
Unclass = Unclassified employees 
        All = All employees 


FY 2018

FY 2019

Retirement (USS) 



Retirement (Unclass) 



FICA (USS/Unclass) 



Unemployment Insurance (USS/Unclass) 



Leave Assessment (All) 



Worker's Compensation (All) 






FY 2018 Annual 

24 pay periods

FY 2018 Semi-Monthly 

24 pay periods

FY 2019 Annual

24 pay periods

FY 2019


24 pay periods

Full-time (single)


$273.07 $7,050.24 $293.76

Full-time Dependent Coverage


$129.20 $3,334.56 $138.94

Part-time (single)


$216.29 $5,585.76 $232.74

Part-time Dependent Coverage


$102.15 $2,635.92 $109.83


HEALTH INSURANCE (Graduate Assistants)

FY 2018

FY 2019

Academic Year Plus Summer



Per Semester







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Graduate Assistantship Stipends

The current stipends for graduate assistantships are listed below. These amounts may be used for all proposal budgets; however, you may request a larger stipend if your budget allows. Budgets for FY 2017 and beyond should include a 2% increase for each subsequent year.

All grant/contract budgets that include a graduate assistant must also include the tuition waiver. This applies to both graduate research assistants and graduate teaching assistants. You may choose to either provide just the tuition waiver, or pay for both tuition and fees if your budget allows. Tuition and fees for graduate students are calculated based on credit hours for both academic year and summer.  All graduate assistants qualify for resident fees. Proposal budgets for multi-years should include a 6% increase in tuition for each subsequent year.  For additional information about graduate assistantship policies click on graduate assistant information.

Type of Assistantship 

Minimum Stipend FY 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistants 

$367.20/biweekly $7,344/AY 

Research Assistants 

$367.20/biweekly $7,344/AY 

Tuition and fees (Resident)

$334.45/credit hour

Tuition only (Resident)

$253.50/credit hour


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Indirect Costs (F&A, or Facilities & Administrative costs)

When allowed, F&A costs must be included in proposal budgets. If F&A costs are not requested, you must attach documentation that these costs are not allowed under the application guidelines. Likewise, approval must be obtained in advance from the Research and Grants Center if F&A costs are requested at a rate less than our federally negotiated rate (with the exception of proposals to the U.S. Department of Education).

ESU's current approved on-campus indirect cost rate is 50% of total direct salaries and applicable fringe benefits. The off-campus rate is 21% of total direct salaries and applicable fringe benefits. These rates are in effect until further notice.  If you need a copy of our Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, contact Pam Fillmore at

Off-campus definition:  For all activities performed in facilities not owned by the institution and to which rent is directly allocated to the project(s), the off-campus rate will apply. Grants or contracts will not be subject to more than one F&A cost rate. If more than 50% of a project is performed off-campus, the off-campus rate will apply to the entire project. Contact the R&G Center if you have questions about which rate you should use.


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Institutional Federal Identification Numbers

FEIN - 48-1124839

DUNS - 030700793

IRB FWA - FWA00018536

NSF ID - 0019273000