Law Related Education

The Law Related Education (LRE) Clearinghouse is maintained by the Teachers College Resource Center for circulation by Kansas teachers, lawyers, and other law-related educators. DVDs and videos may be checked out for two weeks while most print matter may be used for one month. There is no charge related to the use of these materials except for the return postage on materials sent back to the Center.

LRE materials available for use include mock trial booklets, posters, games, dvds/videos, and books. Many of these materials may be used to enhance curriculum dealing with character education, civic responsibility, lawmaking and understanding the judicial system.

Use the Library Online Catalog to find materials. An easy way to generate a list of materials found in the LRE collection is to search for "Law Related Education" and choose "Resource Center" from the pull down menu. Alternatively search for any keyword you like and check the "location" section of each of your search results to see which collection it is found in on campus.