All about the Flint Hills Instructional Media Center...

Visitors to the Resource Center web pages and to room 224 in Visser Hall soon realize that several collections vie for space within the walls. If one explores the northwest corner, one will find the bulk of the IMC collection.

    This collection contains a variety of formats, ranging from simple print matter to multi-media kits which include audio- and visual components.

 Although the collection is housed on the ESU campus, funding for the IMC comes from the Flint Hills Special Education Cooperative. These materials help to support teachers, administrators, and other related service providers who work with students who have current Individual Education Plans.

Janice Romeiser is the IMC Coordinator as well as Director of the Teachers College Resource Center. Her Paraeducator is Brady Johnson. 

Highlights of the collection include:

Idea files
Activity books
Educational Manipulatives

For more information about our collection and circulation procedures, please call (620) 341-5292.