(Prerequisites - Completion of each of the following with a "B" or better: SC700, SC705, SC710, SC715, SC805, CE810, CE820, CE825, and CE830; and have an approved application for admission to the practicum the semester before expected enrollment; permission required.) This course involves a supervised clinical experience in an approved school-based placement in which the student is able to integrate professional knowledge and judgment, receive intensive practice to increase effectiveness in counseling skills, methods, conceptual thinking, and treatment planning for individual and small group counseling, and gain experience in consulting. The student must document 100 clock hours in clinical related activities including 40 hours of direct individual or small group counseling with students on an approved caseload; participate weekly in two and one-half hours of supervision with the university supervisor (1 hour individual or triadic; 1.5 hour class group). The course includes experiences in preparing clinical formatted case notes, consulting with teachers, other professionals, and parents, critiquing audio/video recordings of counseling sessions, writing case conceptualization reports, and continuing development of one's personal theory of counseling.