(Prerequisite, BO 212 and 213, ZO 214 and 215, or permission of instructor.) This course summarizes the open-ended nature of biology; students practice developing reality-based experiences in biology teaching at all levels of instruction. Includes preparation of biological materials; production and use of instructional media in biology including interfacing with microscopes, etc.; laboratory and field procedures and safety; and appropriate selection and use of computers and software in biology education. Review of laws relevant to copyright of printed and off-air materials, metrication, sex education, evolution, and lab liability. Evaluation of effectiveness of biology education in classroom, laboratory and field settings. Surveys professional journals in biology education worldwide as well as biology and biology education organizations; examines national and international biology curricula, textbooks, and informal education venues (museums, etc.). Management of controversy on animal rights, creationism, sex education, cloning and science fraud.