This course will examine codes of ethics, professional behavior, ethical issues, and legal and liability concerns facing practitioners working in art therapy and mental health counseling. This course introduces codes of ethics, legal responsibilities and liabilities of clinical supervision, practice and research, the development of a professional attitude and identity by examining the role of professional socialization, the development of cultural competence, professional organizations, licensure, and certification. The course places particular emphasis on issues of confidentiality, child abuse, elder abuse, and ethical dilemmas associated with dual-role relationships, as well as the use of creative arts within art therapy or the counseling setting. Other topics include issues associated with psychotherapy, multiculturalism, research, advertising, and challenges related to specific work settings. Participants will examine professional credentialing specific to art therapy and mental health counseling. Art therapy and counseling techniques for addressing ethical issues and credentialing taught and demonstrated through experiential exercises along with written assignments and presentations.