This course is designed to help counselors work with individuals, families, or groups who have experienced crisis and trauma from a catastrophic event. This course focuses on the understanding of crisis events, crisis responses, and crisis counseling for individuals responding to crises in their immediate aftermath, and sometimes months or years later. This course also examines how society responds to crises and the psychological aftermath of crises when catastrophic events are at an all-time high. Providing knowledge and skills that will lead to competent and effective crisis counseling by professional counselors in schools and mental health settings is the major focus of this course. Intervention strategies and models for developmental and situational crisis situations, as well as, disaster trauma will be discussed. Physiological and psychological reaction to stress, the continuum of crisis response, diagnosis and lethality, and specifics of various crises will be discussed. The mode of instruction for the course will be a mixture of lecture, online postings and discussion, and small group work. Additionally, videos and guest speakers will be used to supplement course material.