(Prerequisite, BO 212 and 213, ZO 214 and 215, or permission of instructor.) This course summarizes the open-ended nature of biology; students practice developing reality-based experiences in biology teaching at all levels of instruction but focus heavily on communication levels appropriate at secondary and middle schools. Includes prep-aration of biological materials; production and use of overheads, slides and other audio-visuals; use of TV camera and VCR with microscope; laboratory and field procedures and safety; and appropriate selection and use of computers and software in biology education. Review laws relevant to copyright of printed and off-air materials, metrication, sex education, and lab liability. Evaluation of classroom, laboratory and field experiences. Surveys professional journals and local and national science teaching organizations; examines national curricula and textbooks. Extensive practice in sex education delivery appropriate to various age levels. Management of controversy on animal rights, creationism, sex education, and science fraud.