General Information

The Transcript Analyst is responsible for evaluating transfer credit, general education requirements, and maintaining the transfer database, including equivalency tables for the Heartland Alliance. Athletic academic eligibility is determined by the Associate Registrar as well as questions regarding Credit by Examination. The Transcript Analyst is Sheila Markowitz. Her office is located in Rm 108G of Plumb Hall.


Q. How can I be assured that a course I take at another school during a regular or summer term will transfer to ESU and meet my requirements?

Students must complete a prior approval form with the required signatures to ensure that such coursework is transferable. Prior approval forms are available in the Registration Office, the Student Advising Center, and the Athletic Office.

Q. Will all of my previous coursework, as well as, the grades I earned transfer to ESU?

All college level courses, including letter grades will transfer to ESU. Only the passing grades are accepted for credit, but all grades, including failing grades, are used in determining the student's grade point average with the exception of P (pass) and S (satisfactory) grades.

Q. How many hours are required to receive a bachelor's degree?

The minimum number of hours required is 124. Within that 124 hours, the student must have taken 45 hours of upper division courses (300 level and above).

Q. How many hours must I take at ESU to receive a degree?

The minimum number of hours required to be taken in residence at ESU is 30 hours. However, a total of (60) sixty hours must be taken from 4-year schools.

Q. If I have received a poor grade and choose to repeat the course, how will it affect my GPA?

The cumulative GPA calculation procedure for repeated coursework is as follows: 
     All grades will remain on the student’s transcript, but only the last grade will be used in determining grade point averages, and only the course hours in one course may apply toward the degree. This
policy applies regardless of where the course was originally taken, or repeated.
    (Definition of Terms: Repeated coursework is coursework with the same course number, title and credit hours, or coursework which the department chair offering that course determines is the equivalent course.) FSB 06022

If you need further information contact the Associate Registrar at 620-341-5152 or by e-mail