A student who completes an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree based on a baccalaureate oriented sequence at a state and regionally accredited Kansas public community college and whose program of studies has met the requirements of the Kansas Public Community College-Kansas Regents Transfer Agreement and Articulation Guide will be accepted with junior standing and will have satisfied general education requirements of all Regents universities.

The following points of clarification have been developed regarding this transfer agreement:

    1. This agreement applies only to Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree transfers from state and regionally accredited public community colleges in Kansas. The agreement does not include transfers from nonaccredited community colleges or any other colleges.
    2. Transfer students accepted for admission at Kansas Regents universities with the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will automatically be given junior standing with the understanding that:

a. Each receiving institution has the right to determine admission standards to the various majors in their institutions.

b. Transfer students are subject to the same institutional assessment policies and procedures as resident students of the receiving institution.

    1. General education is defined as follows:


      General education provides students with facility in the use of the English Languages and a broad intellectual experience in the major fields of knowledge. It insures that each graduate will have experienced some of the content, method and system of values of the various disciplines which enable humanity to understand itself and its environment at a level of abstraction beyond that found in secondary school studies.

Although the following distribution of courses does not correspond to the general education requirements at any Kansas Regents institution, it will be accepted as having satisfied the general education requirements of all Kansas Regents institutions.

A minimum of 45 credit hours of general education with distribution in the following fields will be required. General education hours totaling less than 45 will be accepted, but transfer students must complete the remainder of this requirement before graduation from the receiving institution, which may require an additional semester(s).

12 hours of Basic Skills courses, including:
6 hours of English Composition
3 hours of Speech Communication
3 hours of college level Mathematics(statistics will be required of transfer students where university curriculum requires)

12 hours of Humanities courses from at least three of the following disciplines:
Art* -------Theatre*-------Philosophy-------Music*--------History------Literature
*Performance courses are excluded.

12 hours of Social and Behavioral Science courses from at least three of the following disciplines:
Sociology------------Political Science-----------Psychology

9 hours of Natural and Physical Science courses from at least two disciplines (lecture with lab).

Transcripts of students fulfilling the requirements of this agreement will be appropriately coded by the sending institution.

    1. Other associate degrees and certificates may be awarded for programs which have requirements different from baccalaureate-oriented sequences or a primary objective other than transfer. Students in such programs wishing to transfer to Kansas Regents universities are to be considered outside of the terms of this agreement.

Students attempting to transfer into Technology, Engineering and Architecture programs are considered outside this agreement. It is recommended that 2 + 2 and 2 + 3 arrangements be developed for the above programs of study.

Acceptance of course credit for transfer from such programs will be determined by the receiving institution on the basis of application of the courses to the baccalaureate program in the major field of the student.

    1. Each institution will define its own graduation requirements. The Articulation Agreement does not cover ESU graduation requirements.
    2. Foreign language requirements are viewed as graduation requirements and not as general education requirements for purposes of this agreement.
    3. A transfer student may be required to take freshman or sophomore courses to meet particular requirements or course prerequisites of a given major or minor.
    4. Transfer students preparing for teacher certification must meet the general education requirements as outlined by the State Board of Education. Teacher certification requirements have been incorporated into the degree requirements of Kansas Regents universities.
    5. The spirit of the Agreement indicates that transfer students are to be judged academically in the same way as non-transfer students.

For further information contact the Associate Registrar at 620-341-5152 or by E-mail at smarkowi@emporia.edu