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We will be taking Sunday Sand Volleyball Entries between August 22 - August 31. To enter a team sign up online at When entering a team, your entry will not be considered complete until you come down to the Student Recreation Center and pay the $30 entry fee. All fee's must be paid on August 31.


All currently enrolled Emporia State University students (graduate or undergraduate) and currently employed Emporia State University campus faculty and staff are eligible to participate. All participants must have a valid ESU student ID card or ESU faculty/staff ID card. 


Their will be a mandatory captain's meeting Sept. 2, at 6:00pm in commons area of the Student Recreation Center. You must have a team member present for your team to be eligible for play. For additional information you can E-Mail us, or contact the University Recreation Programs at 341-6778.


Leagues will be offered in Co-Ed division's. Competition will begin on September 11 and will run through October 9. Games will be held at the Sand Pit on the East side of Morse Hall. Competition will begin at 4:00pm and run until 10:00pm. You may make changes to your roster through the completion of the last day of regular season. A post season tournament will be held in the competitive and coed divisions only, and all teams in these divisions who maintain a 2.6 sportsmanship rating will make the tournament. Championship T-Shirts will be awarded to the champions of their respective tournaments.


A team is composed of 4 players. A team must have three players to start the game. Acceptable Combinations: Two (2) Men and Two (2) Women, Two (2) Men and One (1) Woman, or Two (2) Women and One (1) Man.


The Match/Game

  1. A game is won by the team that first scores 21 points with a lead of 2 points. In case of a 20-20 tie, play is continued until a 2 point advantage is reached. Rally scoring will be used. Teams change sides after each game.
  2. A best 2 of 3 games match is won by the team that wins 2 games. In case of a 1-1 tie, a deciding game to 15 will be played immediately. In the 3rd set, teams are required to switch sides after one team has scored 8 points.
  3. Teams are awarded 1 time out per game.
  4. The team not serving first in the first game serves first in the second game.
  5. before each serve, the server must state the score so all players can hear.


  1. There are no references for the leagues. All ruling should be made by the judgment of both teams and as fair as possible.
  2. Both teams call their own violations and faults.
  3. If the opposing team believes a fault occurred, only the team captain will be allowed to ask if a fault has occurred. If there is a disagreement over the call, replay the point.
  4. Call the faults for your own team, AFTER the rally, request a replay if you perceive the other teams fault. Please show good sportsmanship and integrity at all times.
  5. Any disputes or questions regarding decisions of the teams should be directed to the intramural supervisor.

Hit Combinations

When the ball is in your offensive court there are combinations that you can use: 

  1. 1 male or 1 female - 1 Hit
  2. 1 male and 1 female, or 2 females - 2 Hits
  3. 1 male and 2 females; 1 male, 1 female, 1 male; 2 males, 1 female; or 1 female, 2 males - 3 Hits

Net Play

  1. Contact with the net or any part of it while the ball is in play is prohibited unless the force of the ball pushes the net into the player.
  2. Reaching over the net is permitted during:
    1. A follow through of a hit made on the player's own side.
    2. Blocking a return, except on a serve or a set traveling parallel to our away from the net, after the opponent has hit the ball to return it.
  3. Recovering a ball hit into the net shall be permitted.


League Schedules can be found at