How to Start a Sport Club

 Any group of students may start a new sport club organization, provided it meets the following criteria:

Requirements for Recognition by the ESU Recreation 

  • All Sports Clubs are to be chartered and approved as recognized student organization.  For more information on becoming an RSO click here.
  • Undergraduate students, Graduate students, and Faculty and Staff of Emporia State University are eligible for membership in sport clubs.
  • Student members must be enrolled in at least seven (7) hours as verified by the ESU Registrar.
  • Formation of a written constitution and bylaws in accordance with guidelines.
  • Sufficient membership interested in the sport-at least 10 members must join to receive group sponsorship by the University Recreation Programs Department. If a competitive team fields more than 10 people to participate at one time, then the sport club must have at least that many members.
  • Each member must have read and signed the liability waiver and informed consent document.
  • The sport club membership roster and liability waiver and informed consent documents must remain current at all times. This duty is the responsibility of the sport club president or his or her sport club officer designee.
  • Must meet the required criteria for classification (classification requirements listed on pages 21-22 for the Sport Club Manual).

Students interested in initiating a new club sport will want to meet with Mike Wise to organize a plan for the club. 


Sports Club Manual