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ROE R. Cross Distinguished Professor

  • Harvey C. Foyle
  • Harvey C. Foyle

  • 2002 - Harvey C. Foyle

  • Harvey Foyle finds the field, plants the seeds, and awaits the harvest.

    “Teaching is my passion,” says Dr. Foyle. “Although I am also an ordained United Methodist clergy, I am a teacher inside the church and inside public school and university.

    “I served as a United Methodist pastor for two years in a small rural Kansas town. I asked a high school student where all of our church teenagers were. She said they were in high school and involved in activities there. So I obtained a secondary education teaching certification in the social sciences. I taught for 18 ½ years in the public schools.

    While teaching at Emporia High School, Foyle began teaching at Emporia State University in the summer of 1984 and fall of 1986 as an adjunct professor. He began as an assistant professor in 1987. Foyle has worked in the Teacher Education Division, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences Division, and The Teacher's College at Emporia State.

    As of 2013, Dr. Foyle is a professor of instructional design and technology in the Teachers College.

    Foyle received his BA from Westmar College in European history and religion. He then earned a master of divinity degree from Evangelical Theological Seminary and a master’s in American History and political science from Emporia State University before completing his Ph.D. from Kansas State University in 1984.

    One Roe R. Cross nominator said, “Dr. Foyle’s 15-year career has exemplified outstanding research, scholarship and creativity, excellence in teaching, and commendable service … He always has time to help a student or colleague, he is cheerful and willing to tackle new challenges, and he has an uncanny ability to ‘get along’ with people of any background.”

    Foyle is involved as an author and prolific presenter, as well as in numerous areas of research. He involves students when possible.

    “Student research involvement depends upon the courses that I teach and the research that I am conducting,” he explains. “In the past I have had graduate students assist me and help conduct my research. Undergraduate students have helped seek out current available research so that I might incorporate it in my own research projects. Even my two sons, Douglas and Kevin, assisted me in my research on the topic of homework and other projects.”

    Foyle grew up in Alsip, Ill., a small village adjacent to the southwest corner of Chicago. He recalled that during the Recession of 1957-1959, his family moved to West Sacramento, California.

    “I attended the University of California at Davis. I accepted the call to ministry and moved to Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa, a church college, where I met my wife, Joanne. Then I went to Evangelical Theological Seminary. For two years, I pastored a church in Robinson, Kan. Then taught social studies at Hillsboro High School (KS) and became the department chairperson and teacher at Emporia High School.

    “All of this is to point out that I have moved extensively and have a rich background of communities and relationships with people. These experiences have opened my eyes to the variety of people in the United States, and through my travels, the world. Teaching others and caring for others is my top priority.

    Out in the fields and nurturing. And awaiting the harvest of his students.

“I hope that they will have a love of learning,” he says of those students, “a dedication to their chosen field, and a caring for the people around them.”

    Note: This is not a continuously updated biographical sketch