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ROE R. Cross Distinguished Professor

  • Gaylen J. Neufeld
  • Gaylen J. Neufeld

  • 1995 - Gaylen J. Neufeld

  • Known as a man of gentle demeanor with quiet leadership skills, Dr. Gaylen J. Neufeld joined the faculty of Emporia State University in 1967.

    As a professor of biology his skills in the classroom, in research, and in student advising became well known, too.

    “A good teacher leads students in an understanding of the material rather than a memorization of a catalog of facts,” he said of his teaching philosophy. “A good teacher must be open with and available to students so they have the freedom to clarify points and/or explore areas of interest in greater detail.”

    Fellow professor Scott Irwin, in his nomination letter for the Roe R. Cross Award, called Neufeld “an advocate for students and his years of service in advising are testimony to his genuine concern for increasing the probability of students’ success.”

    Neufeld’s research focused on the mechanism of transport of inorganic ions across cell membranes. He was awarded an Intergovernmental Personnel Act Fellowship at the National institutes of Environmental Health, Science, Research Triangle Park, N.C., and in 1966 was awarded a Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellowship Award. He was a visiting scholar of the Marine Biomedical Center, Duke University Marine Laboratory in 1979, and an Expert Scientist Fellow with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in St. Augustine, Florida in 1983-84.

    In 1975 he received an award from the Dairy Council of Greater Kansas City for developing and coordinating a continuing education course to meet the needs of the council.

    Neufeld, born in Oklahoma, graduated from Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kan., with a bachelor’s biology in 1961. He earned his master’s in zoology in 1963 from Kansas State University and his Ph.D., in biochemistry in 1966 from the University of Texas.

Neufeld did post doctoral residency at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

    Note: This is not a continuously updated biographical sketch