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  • Randy  Scott
  • Randy Scott

  • Cancer Research Helps Others

  • For Dr. Randy Scott, a biochemist, executive chairman of Genomic Health and an ESU alumnus, his career in cancer research began at Emporia State University where he worked closely with a professor on undergraduate research experiments.

    Today, he’s heading a company that develops new diagnostic technologies that help cancer patients decide on the right therapy. “It’s an exciting time in the field,” he says. “We take all this technology and look at multiple genes simultaneously and help physicians and patients decide on the right therapy for their cancer.”

    Whereas doctors in the past used broad population statistics to make these determinations, Scott’s company’s efforts involve looking at the individual tumor’s genome. It’s a more precise method.

    “We wondered why some cancer patients had tumors that metastasized and why some others with the same cancer went on to live long lives,” he explains.

    His company is now working on new technologies to diagnose the need for chemotherapy for colon cancer and surgery for prostrate cancer patients.

    His professors at Emporia State inspired him to attend graduate school and earn a doctorate in biochemistry. “ESU prepared me well for my graduate work and made biochemistry come alive for me,” he says. “The small class sizes and personal attention helped me find my passion.”