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Goal 5

Develop and maintain a campus climate and culture in which embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion is a core value lived by all members of the Emporia State community.

Objective A

Increase Emporia State employees’ capacity to create and support an inclusive and diverse campus community.

Strategy 1

Develop orientation sessions for newly hired employees that prepare them to understand and participate in the university’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

  1. Include a session on the topic at new faculty and staff orientations.
  2. Develop and deliver a coordinated introduction to the topic as an institutional and educational value for first-year student orientation.

Strategy 2

Provide educational and training opportunities to enhance institutional capacity to undertake effective diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

  1. Develop training modules for faculty, staff, and students that cover intersections of cultural competencies.
  2. Provide diversity, equity, and inclusion competency training and education to all orientation student leaders, resident assistants, tour guides, and include a developmental and in-depth approach toward Fraternity and Sorority Life efforts.

Objective B

Increase and improve Emporia State University’s diversity, equity, and inclusion-related messaging.

Strategy 1

Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion’s web and print presence.

  1. Analyze web content related to diversity, equity, and inclusion; connect disparate pieces to be linked from a central diversity page.
  2. Develop and enhance diversity brochures and other print materials.

Strategy 2

Enhance materials highlighting support services offered to students/persons with disabilities.

Strategy 3

Develop visual identity for diversity messaging.

Strategy 4

Examine how Emporia State University communicates its values internally and externally and develop strategies for highlighting the diversity, equity, and inclusion value message consistently. This would include establishing consistent, clear, and ongoing messaging related to diversity as a core value and identifying media and venues for sharing that message.