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Goal 1

Improve university access and student persistence to increase the diversity of the Emporia State University community

Objective A

Improve the diversity of the student body.

Strategy 1

Develop targeted outreach plans to build pipelines, broaden the applicant pool, and admit an increased number of qualified students from groups that have been under-represented in higher education.

  1. Focus admissions strategies to recruit students from historically under- represented groups.
  2. Develop and employ strategies to enhance the knowledge, skills, and focus of the existing Ambassadors program on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  3. Allocate financial aid resources to support the recruitment and retention of students from historically under-represented groups.
  4. Build pipeline projects that will leverage existing summer academic programs to populations of potential students.
    1. Market these projects to jumpstart these students’ educations using summer courses.
    2. Develop scholarship funding to support this effort.
  5. Create an Admissions Diversity Recruiter Position that is responsible for attending events at highly diverse high schools across the state and region for the purpose of recruiting under-represented groups to Emporia State University.

Strategy 2

Identify, assess, and enhance existing programs aimed at retention, support, and success for students from groups that have been historically under-represented in higher education.

Objective B

Improve the diversity of faculty and staff within the campus community.

Strategy 1

Continue ongoing efforts to improve the recruitment and hiring of faculty and staff from under-represented groups.

  1. Implement the “List of 5” strategy where each faculty search committee member is asked to 1) solicit nominations for potential diverse candidates from a minimum of five professionals in the academic discipline, 2) contact the nominees and personally invite them to apply for the position, and 3) document these contacts.
  2. Expand awareness of faculty and staff employment opportunities to graduate schools serving high numbers of students from under-represented groups.
  3. Establish and implement a plan for outreach to local communities, organizations, and affinity groups to develop connections for hiring faculty and staff from under-represented groups.

Strategy 2

Evaluate and improve practices that support the success and retention of a diverse faculty and staff

Objective C

Enhance Alumni Relations among domestic and international minorities.

Strategy 1

Develop an Alumni Diversity Program Coordinator role to organize and build on the work and structure of ethnic-based chapters. Fundraising and alumni diversity programming would be the key components of this role.