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Emporia State University is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment that is supportive of, and committed to, the success of all members of the population that it serves, a population that reflects the broad diversity of the human experience. This diversity includes but is not limited to differences in culture and subculture, socio-economic class, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, disability/ability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, political and social ideologies, family background and structure, veteran status, and age.

As members of the Emporia State University community, we realize that creating and maintaining such an environment will not happen by chance but must be the result of institutional and individual resolve, intentional decision- making, and the design and execution of a campus-wide plan to become a model of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Emporia State University Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan is included here.

Consistent with its Affirmation of Values Statement, ESU’s plan must value diversity and personal well-being while protecting and promoting freedom of thought, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression. Members of the ESU community further recognize that fully implementing this plan will take time and effort and must involve ongoing progress to achieve of measurable outcomes.
Click here to view the Diversity and Inclusion Plan PDF