General Information

The ESU Police and Safety officers have the same authority and responsibilities as all commissioned police officers. They are qualified officers who have attended the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and met for the same requirements as sheriff's officers or city police officers.

Each person in the campus community is urged to report any suspicious or criminal activities immediately to the University Police at 341-5337. The Police and Safety Department is located near the northeast side of the football stadium.

In addition to maintaining a safe campus, the officers assist students, faculty and staff with the following services:

Courtesy First Aid Service

When students, faculty or staff are injured or become seriously ill on campus, phone 911 and request ambulance service. Then, immediately call 341-5337 and report the incident to Police and Safety to notify them of action taken. All officers have taken first aid training. The police vehicles are equipped to transport an individual with minor injuries. All calls for first aid should be made to 341-5337.

Escort Service

Any student, faculty or staff on or off campus may call the university police for an escort if he or she feels endangered in any way. On campus, the escort service may take the form of the officer walking with the person to his or her destination. The officers must be on state property as much as possible and may not leave to provide a taxi service. However, if a student off campus feels threatened and has no other means of transportation, and a taxi service has indicated an extended wait, the individual may call the university police and request an escort.

Vehicle Problems

The officers will assist those on campus who have minor vehicle problems. They will assist in opening locked doors. Three of the police vehicles are equipped to assist in jump starts on campus grounds. Jumper cables are also available at the Police and Safety building for short term use. For more serious problems, the officers will see that proper help is called.

Emergency Messages Delivered

Since the ESU Police and Safety Office is open 24 hours a day year-round, the department will deliver emergency messages to students. Families of students should be informed of this service in case an emergency develops. The telephone number is (620) 341-5337.

Emergency Blue Phones

There are 10 emergency blue light phones directly linked to the Police and Safety office. The phones are located at:

Highland St. and Morse Dr. (N of the Student Recreation Center)

18th and Morse Dr. (W of the Information Booth)
NE of Visser Hall
W of SH
West Stadium (in the walkway under the press box "Pavilion")
15th and Morse Dr. (N of NE Morse Hall)
SW of Science Hall
S of Plumb Hall
SE of King Hall
NE of Stormont Maintenance
Wooster Dr.and Highland St. (Base of Highland Hill near the entrance to the Art Annex)