Bridge Contest 2004

Click the image for a larger image of the same; click the Bridge link for a large version of the bridge itself.

Team 1:  Bridge held 21 kg   Team 2:  bridge held 13.5 kg
Team 1:  Carter, Jacowski, and Jacob Thompson
This bridge held 21 kg.
  Team 2:  Humbarger, Heincker, Hines, Czajkowski
This bridge held 13.5 kg
Team 3:  their bridge held 5 kg   Team 4:  their bridge held 2 kg
Team 3:  Coats, Menke, Mann
This bridge held 5 kg.
  Team 4:  Hoffman, El-Salmi, Bahena
This bridge held 2 kg (they next tried 7 kg)


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