Federal taxes

  • Federal tax deductions are based on the W-4 form that each employee completes upon employment. For more information on individual federal tax - see IRS Publication 505.

  • Publication 919 provides a variety of information to help you determine your tax status. This IRS WebSite offers information on calculating your withholding tax: or link to(link to IRS Publication 919). Go to a printable W-4 form.

  • Questions, please call the Payroll Office at 5369 or send a message to Anna Hanson at

State taxes

  • State tax deductions are based upon the most recent K-4 on file in Human Resource office.

  • An Arbitrary elections form may be completed to cover your state tax liability in addition to your K-4 election.

  • Contact the payroll office if you have questions or need to fill out paperwork for an arbitrary amount to cover your state tax liability.