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Online & Distance Education Proctoring


Students must email with a request to proctor their exam. Email must include student contact information, course information, anticipated test date(s) and professor’s name and contact information.

- Student must set up a specific time to take the exam with ESU-KC staff at minimum 48 hours beforehand either by emailing or by calling (913) 338-4378.

- We are generally open Monday – Friday 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm. If you call with less than 48 hours notice, we do not guarantee we can proctor the test.

- Student must bring a valid ID (Drivers license, student ID or passport) with them to verify identity before they can take the test.

- Students must bring any materials that are allowed during the test, such as specific calculator with them. We do not provide those materials or devices.

- We proctor both paper and online tests.

- Professor can send the exam to anytime before the said exam. Professor will need to provide when the test needs to be taken, how long they have to complete it, and any other special instructions. We will print it and have it ready for the student.

- When student arrives we will check ID and lock up all belongings that are not needed for the test.

- Once the student has completed the test we will scan it in and send it in PDF format to the professor.