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Distance Education Locations and Campuses

ESU has a growing number of locations and campuses across the United States for your convenience.

Undergraduate Online & Distance Education Locations

Undergraduate Program / Location


Elementary Education / Overland Park, KS

Elementary Education / El Dorado, KS

Elementary Education / Andover, KS

Graduate Online & Distance Education Locations

Graduate Program / Location


School Counseling / Overland Park, KS

Library Science / Overland Park, KS

Library Science / Denver, CO

Library Science / Portland, OR

Library Science / Sal Lake City Area, UT

Library Science / Sioux Falls, SD

Library Science / Boise, ID

Library Science / Las Vegas, NV

ESU-Kansas City

ESU offers various programs in the Kansas City metro, allowing you to complete your degree without moving.

School of Library and Information Management (SLIM)

ESU’s SLIM Program has several locations within the United States. Learn more by heading to their website.