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OnBase Login Links

OnBase AutoLogin

Uses ESU Network Authentication

If prompted, use
esuad\ and your UserID
(ex: esuad\chornet)

  • Full-featured Web Client 
  • ActiveX controls and some IE settings required
  • Required for Form C
  • Non-IE browsers default to HTML Client

OnBase Manual Login

Uses OnBase-specific password

  • Useful when login differs from network credentials
  • Form C Alias Users

OnBase HTML AutoLogin

Uses ESU Network Authentication

If prompted, use
esuad\and your UserID
(ex: esuad\chornet)

  • Lacks some advanced features
  • Doesn't require ActiveX installation
  • Works with browsers listed below
  • Use to print image (tif, jpg) files

OnBase Workflow Login

Uses ESU Network Authentication

If prompted, use
esuad\and your UserID
(ex: esuad\chornet)

  • Opens directly to the workflow window

OnBase DocPop Creator

OnBase FolderPop Creator

Uses ESU Network Authentication

If prompted, use
esuad\and your UserID
(ex: esuad\chornet)

  • Create direct links to documents, forms, or folders
  • Use DocPop Creator for FormPop and PDFPop
  • FolderPop and DocPop links require supported browser
  • FormPop and PDFPop links open in most browsers

Web Client Setup Guide and Tools

OnBase Web Client Browser Compatibility

OnBase Web Client 16

  • Google Chrome 49
  • Mozilla Firefox 45
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 45 (Windows or Mac
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (preferred)
  • Safari 6.2, 7.1, 8.0, 9.0, 9.1, 10.0
  • Microsoft Edge* EdgeHTML 13

*Limited Support (No Workflow Window)


If your browser is not compatible or you are using a mobile device, you can also use SkyLab to access OnBase. For more information on SkyLab, please see

OnBase Unity Client

  • Using Internet Explorer, Click Here to install the OnBase Unity Client (w/AppEnabler)
  • Click Here for Unity Client Product Overview
  • Click Here for Unity Client FAQs
  • NOTE: The Microsoft .NET Framework is a prerequisite for the Unity Client installer.  If you receive an error while installing, first Click Here to install the .NET Framework.
  • NOTE: Unity Client can not be installed on a Mac, but can be accessed from the Employee Desktop on SkyLab at
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