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Surveys of Student Perspectives

Emporia State University wants to provide its students with preparation for lifelong learning, rewarding careers, and adaptive leadership.  The perspectives provided by our students relative to their educational experiences are key indicators for what we are doing well and where improvement efforts should be focused.  Multiple surveys gather students feedback and insights on how to meet student expectations both inside and outside of the classroom.  The surveys also seek to understand student perspectives of the quality of the Emporia community and its contributions to the learning environment.  Furthermore, ESU gathers and reports information about the success of our graduates.  We want to know what we do well and how students expect us to improve.  These surveys provide valuable information in meeting the needs of our students.  We share our results with all as we strive to always provide excellence in student learning with the understanding that continuous improvement is vital to institutional success.   

Graduating Senior Surveys 

   Annual Results

   Benchmark Results 

Career Services Destination Survey

Marketing Research Survey (Fall 2012)

Noel-Levitz SSI and IPS Survey