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HLC Leadership Team

The Higher Learning Commission Leadership Team is the group charged with leading the campus community in the fulfillment of institutional responsibilities of producing the Assurance Review and coordinating the Review Team site visit scheduled for October 2018.  

Team Members:

David Cordle - Team Leader (Assessment Liaison Officer)

JoLanna Kord - Team Leader (Institutional Effectiveness)

Criterion One (Mission) 

Gary Wyatt 

Jason Brooks

Criterion Two (Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct)

Tammy Norman

Lynn Hobson

Criterion Three (Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support)

Brent Thomas

Michelle Hammond

Criterion Four (Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement)

Jim Persinger

Cynthia Kane

Criterion Five (Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness)

Jim Williams

Cory Falldine

Federal Compliance

Elaine Henrie

Thad Davidson


Academic Year 2017-2018



Academic Year 2016-2017