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ESU Study Abroad Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The Study Abroad Scholarship is available to degree-seeking ESU students who study abroad for year, semester, or short-term programs. The scholarship is intended to defray the cost of study abroad.

Guidelines and Criteria

  1. Students must be full time during the program.
  2. Students must be enrolled in courses that are relevant to graduation requirements.
  3. The Study Abroad Scholarship must be declared for financial aid purposes and may affect the total amount of financial aid awarded.
  4. The Study Abroad Scholarship amount will be determined based on the length of the program, native language in the destination country, and financial need.
  5. Students are eligible to receive the Study Abroad Scholarship only once.
  6. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.25 at the time of applying.
  7. Students must maintain good academic standing (earn at least a 2.0 overall GPA with sufficient credit hours to maintain full-time status)
  8. Students are required to attend the pre-departure orientation and the study abroad returnee meeting. Students who do not attend these will forfeit the scholarship.
  9. Students receiving the Study Abroad Scholarship are required to volunteer with the Office of International Education in promoting study abroad opportunities and international education. The Study Abroad Scholarship is equivalent to about 20 hours of volunteer work up returning. Available opportunities are:
  • Conversation partner to help an international student improve their English (once a week)
  • gFriend to mentor a new international student to help them adjust to American college life (once a week)
  • Help at the study abroad fairs
  • Host an international student over the holidays
  • Maintain a blog (minimum 250 words each week) or significant social media campaign (3-4 posts per week) while abroad
  • Or any other volunteer work approved by the Office of International Education
  • To ensure ESU benefits from awarding the scholarship, students must remain at ESU for at least two semesters after completing their study abroad experience, unless they graduate from ESU before. Students who wish to transfer to another university upon returning, will have to repay the scholarship.


Study Abroad Scholarship Amount


Applicants who meet the basic criteria will receive $400. Applicants may be eligible to receive up to $400 in additional funding if they meet the following qualifications:

  • + $100 for applicants whose program locations require use of a foreign language that they’re learning
  •  + $100 for programs lasting 4 weeks or longer
  • + $100 - $200 based on applicant’s financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of International Education


Graduate students are only eligible for $250.


Submit the Study Abroad Scholarship application with one reference letter written by an ESU faculty or staff. Faculty leading ESU programs may not write letters for their own applicants.


  • Summer: March 1
  • Fall: March 1
  • Winter break: October 15
  • Spring: October 15
  • Spring break: October 15