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National Student Exchange

Have you ever wanted to study somewhere far away in an unfamiliar culture? National Student Exchange NSE

What about a place that is historic and beautiful?

If any of these things make you say "Yes!" then come check out National Student Exchange.

The changing diversity in culture and ethnicity across the United States, its territories, and Canada presents numerous challenges and opportunities for tomorrow's citizens and leaders. Emporia State University has a program to assist YOU - the student and citizen of tomorrow - National Student Exchange.

Through an exchange, you will have an opportunity to gain insight into the historical and cultural makeup of different regions, improve your communications skills with individuals from different backgrounds, and prepare yourself to live and work in a culturally diverse society.

Why NSE?

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Ciera Symmonds, NSE Coordinator, at

Outgoing Students

Explore, Experience, Exchange

The National Student Exchange is a study away opportunity that allows you to take new courses, see new places, make new friends, and enroll in academic options that may not be available at ESU. You can study for a single term or academic year at one of nearly 200 NSE member colleges and universities in...

United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

Participate in NSE to:

Interested in Participating?

ESU participates only in "Plan B." Swing by an grab a brochure or talk to Ciera Symmonds in the International Office. If you're seeking more information, tell us a bit about yourself and we will contact you as soon as possible. Send an email to

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