The following form must be printed, signed, dated, and mailed to the Office of International Education of Emporia State University. All required documents must be attached to the form before you will be considered for admission.


Signature Block
I hereby affirm that all information supplied on this form is complete and accurate. I understand that I will not be considered for admission until I have submitted all the required items listed below.
Date (mo./day/year):_______/_____/________

Required items to be sent:
Hard copy of this application
Financial statement
English Proficiency Score (if available)
Letters of recommendation
Letter of purpose
Photocopy of passport information page
Application/processing fee 
undergraduates (US$50)
graduates (US$75)
Office of International Education 
Emporia State University 
1200 Commercial St.
ESU Box 4041 

Emporia, KS   66801-5087, U.S.A.
Telephone: (620)341-5374
Fax: (620)341-5918 
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