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International Summer Programs

2-week programs to explore + learn

Explore a variety of topics while learning English

Come to our beautiful campus for a 6-week English Immersion Program and add on one or more of the camps below.


Come for a specific 2-week program that includes a workshop on a specific topic alongside English language classes.

2-week summer experiences

Real Science

Physics, chemistry activities, and learning science with hands-on experience

Exploration in Mathematics

Explore how mathematics is used in various careers and aspects of life

Music Workshops

Explore or develop your skills with woodwinds, percussion, and/or strings

Building Adaptive Leaders

Engage with ideas & concepts of adaptive leadership to increase effectiveness working in groups


Develop skill in the foundations of game-style cheerleading

Disc Golf

Develop basic disc golf skills through clinics, team play, and playing with professional and up-and-coming disc golfers

More information

Not seeing what you want? Contact to plan a custom program for your school, university, or organization.


Apply by May 31 for Summer 2021!