THIRD THURSDAY UPDATE #19 ~ 12/15/2011

December 15, 2011

THIRD THURSDAY UPDATE #19 ~ 12/15/2011

Memorial Union Renovation Project

David Hendricks, Director

December Greetings!

The temporary wall covering the new stair tower in West Lobby was removed late last week and now yields a spectacular view through Hornets Nest dining and out over Lake Wooster. Towers Complex residents can now access the Nest from the patio and stair. Check out the view.

The Office of International Education begins its permanent move back into the Union on the Terrace Level on December 19. Career Services will follow in January. Watch Buzz In for relevant details on relocation. Let me be the first to welcome these new neighbors into our building.

Please Note: On Monday, December 19, the construction passage through Main Street will go off line. For a short time our patrons will need to go out and around to access parts of our building. A new passage will enable patrons to go up and over to connect through the winter months. Sorry for this inconvenience. Watch Buzz In.

Week #74 & Beyond

More flat-screen TVs are being installed throughout finished portions of our building. ESU offices and RSOs may promote events on our flat screens next semester by contacting the Union Services Office. The Union will become paperless regarding bulletin boards. Friday, the Kanza, Flint Hills and Greek rooms go off line for renovation. For the duration of our project we will have few schedulable meeting rooms. Webb Hall I & II, Veterans Hall of Honor, the space temporarily occupied by CSI and the new conference room on the Terrace Level will be our only available rooms. More furniture will arrive soon for completed areas. The Student Publications Office will move to its remodeled offices atop the 1925 structure during the first week of classes.


The next Third Thursday Update will contain news of a completed first floor and CSI. Until then, enjoy the holidays with family and friends. See you next year.

Go Hornets!




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