Dual credit accounting program links Kansas high schools, ESU

December 11, 2013

Emporia State University is now the second Regents university in the state to integrate the Accounting Pilot and Bridge Program into its curriculum. This program, developed by Kansas State University, is designed to encourage high school students to consider a degree in accounting and shed light on what opportunities are available with this particular career path. The program allows students to successfully complete their introductory college accounting course, Financial Accounting (AC 223), during their high school career and have the opportunity to receive credit from Emporia State University.

Dr. George Durler, professor of accounting at the School of Business, was instrumental in bringing this agreement to Emporia State.

“The accounting faculty at Emporia State University have worked with Dr. Dan Deines at Kansas State and the Kansas Society of CPAs for several years to provide this opportunity for high school students,” Durler said. “This project provides the means for high schools to offer a meaningful course beyond the accounting mechanics course typically available and for participating students to earn college credit. Originally conceived by Dr. Deines, the project has been endorsed by the American Institute of CPAs and several other state CPA societies. Surveys of business leaders indicate there will be a significant demand for professional accountants in the future. This is a significant step in encouraging some of the best high school students to consider one of the most respected professions in business for their future career.”

Under the agreement approved by the Kansas Department of Education, students enroll in and successfully complete the college-level course taught at their high school. Upon completion, students must take a qualifying exam administered either by the accounting department at Emporia State University (no additional cost) or by the director of the accounting pilot program administered by Kansas State University ($100 testing cost). Students must receive a score of 85 or better on the qualifying exam to be eligible to enroll in the special test-out section of AC 223 at Emporia State University.

Students will receive credit for AC 223 with no tuition charge once they enroll in additional 12 hours for their semester at Emporia State. More information can be found at the Kansas Department of Education's website on state-wide articulation agreements (http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=5049#ESU).

This program not only allows future students to explore the field of accounting before entering college, but also gives them the opportunity to receive three hours of college credit at essentially no charge.

“Our faculty at the School of Business are continually finding ways to open more doors for both our current and potential students. We are very excited about this opportunity” said Dr. Kristie Ogilvie, dean, school of business. “The bridge project allows students to get a head start on earning college credits while still in high school and encourages them to learn about a career path with many successful possibilities.”

All faculty teaching the Pilot Accounting Courses must receive the appropriate training and follow the prescribed curriculum for students to be eligible for the qualifying examination. Currently there are five high schools in Kansas participating in this project; Emporia, Clearwater, Hutchinson, Manhattan and Washburn Rural.  The Emporia State accounting faculty expects this participation to grow significantly with this statewide agreement in place. 

“This dual credit program offers a great opportunity for high school students to get a head start on college-level accounting study,” said Dr. David Cordle, ESU provost and vice president for academic affairs. “In addition to the benefits to the students themselves, the program has real potential for positive impact on our state and its workforce.”

For more information on the School of Business at Emporia State University please visit www.emporia.edu/business or contact Jessica Buchholz at 620-340-2479 or by email at jbuchho1emporia.edu.



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