Faculty interaction key part of student engagement at Emporia State University

November 17, 2011

Seventy-eight percent of Emporia State University first-year students and 87 percent of seniors rated their relationships with faculty positively, according to the most recent National Survey of Student Engagement.

A total of 549 ESU first-year and senior students participated in the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement. The survey results were released today (Nov. 17, 2011).

Both first-year and senior students rated ESU higher than peer institutions in the region in several categories, particularly their classroom and faculty experiences.

For example, 85 percent of ESU students reported a favorable image of the university. In fact, 85 percent of the seniors who responded to the survey say they would have chosen this school again if they could start their college career over.

Seventy-three percent of the students also feel that ESU makes a “substantial commitment to their academic success.”

“Across campus, Emporia State faculty and staff care about our students,” said Provost Tes Mehring. “They get to know their students and celebrate their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom.

“That sense of being part of the Hornet Nation is what makes Emporia State University so special and is why so many of our seniors say they would choose ESU again.”

Faculty and advisors also played an important role when considering career plans. Of the seniors taking the survey, 87 percent said they at least occasionally discussed career plans with faculty.

ESU’s average student-to-faculty ratio is 20 to 1, which contributes significantly to students’ opportunities to interact with their instructors.

When it comes to life outside the classroom, first-year students also said they frequently discussed readings or ideas from coursework outside of class (58 percent), and 51 percent said they frequently had serious conversations with students whose religious, political or personal beliefs were different from their own.

Students at Emporia State have opportunities to meet other students from their first day on campus. First-year students are required to live in university residence halls. They are encouraged to explore the nearly 120 Recognized Student Organizations whose missions interest them. Study groups that develop out of classes or academic areas also help students explore their world.

ESU students also are encouraged to become involved off campus. Community Hornets is an organization that posts volunteer opportunities both on-campus and off and tracks the number of volunteer hours provided by ESU students.

In 2010, ESU students reported 31,515 volunteer hours they contributed to the Emporia and ESU communities. Indeed, by the time they were seniors, 63 percent of the students responding to the NSSE said they had participated in community service or volunteer work.

About NSSE

NSSE’s annual survey provides diagnostic, comparative information about the prevalence of effective educational practices at participating colleges and universities. NSSE’s “Annual Results 2011” (http://nsse.iub.edu/html/annual_results.cfm) is sponsored by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

About Emporia State University

Founded in 1863 as Kansas State Normal — the state’s premier institution to educate teachers — Emporia State University offers 42 undergraduate and 27 graduate degrees in the School of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Library and Information Management and The Teachers College. SLIM also offers a Ph.D. program.

ESU is ranked in the first tier of regional university in the 2012 edition of “Best Colleges” compiled by U.S. News & World Report. The publication also cited ESU’s School of Business as a best value for both in-state and out-of-state students.



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