New SkyLab!

October 24, 2013

New Skylab

New SkyLab!

IT is pleased to announce that the latest version of SkyLab is now live.  SkyLab is a virtual computer lab available to all current students, faculty and staff.  SkyLab allows you to access a full Windows desktop with all ESU software, including Microsoft Office (Word Excel, Power Point, etc.)  SkyLab also provides access to network drives (Y:\ and W:\) and printers, as well as SkyPrint.  Launch Point (Darwin) users will now use SkyLab to access all of these features.

From SkyLab, you can also access data from a USB thumb drive attached locally or use a local printer. SkyLab is available from mobile devices, such as iPad or Android tablets, too.

The first time you open the new SkyLab, you will be prompted to install the Citrix receiver. This will happen even if you have used the previous version of SkyLab.  It is a one-time install and takes just a few minutes.   

Go to  to logon or for how-to videos and more information.  Questions may also be directed to the IT Help Desk.  Contact information for the Help Desk may be found online at



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