Richel Learning Space Now Open!!

September 23, 2013

Richel Learning Space 

Richel Learning Space is Now Open! 

The newly renovated Richel Learning Space, located in Cremer Hall 193, is now open! Come by and see this great new space for all Emporia State students, faculty, and staff! The Richel Learning Space is broken up into three new areas:

The Learning Commons

  • Saturated wireless for you to bring your own device
  • SkyPrint Station available
  • Vending now available
  • Flexible furniture and comfortable seating for group or individual study
  • SkyStation lab computers available
  • Multiple Charging Stations for you to charge your mobile device
  • Available whenever Cremer Hall is open!

The Group Study “Breakout” Rooms

  • 4 Group Study rooms – each a little different than the others!
  • Conference style furniture for group study, practicing presentations, etc.
  • New “ViewStations” equipped with large digital display to practice presentations, have video conferences, etc.
  • Mobile projector cart for projection from your personal device
  • Floor-to-Ceiling Whiteboard Wall
  • Saturated wireless for bringing your own devices

The Classroom

  • Classroom computers have been upgraded to make them faster and easier to use!
  • New Interactive Projector
  • New Podium with Blue-ray, Document Camera, and computer
  • Faronics Insight software available for easier management of classroom computers during instruction
  • AirServer software available to display your iOS device (Pad, iPhone, etc.) on the projected screen
  • Whiteboard walls
  • Additional display in rear of room for easy view of what's being projected while instructing
  • Flexibility for different types of events
  • Saturated wireless for bringing your own devices


Below are a few more the common questions we have heard about this new space:

What are the operating hours for the new Richel Learning Space?

The Richel Learning Space is available to all ESU students, faculty, and staff anytime that that the Cremer Hall building is open. From 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday, the doors into Richel are unlocked. After 5PM (or before 8AM) students, faculty, and staff can access the space using their Hornet Card.

How can I reserve the classroom?

Faculty and staff can reserve the classroom space by contacting the IT Help Desk.

Can I use the classroom computers if class is not in session?

Yes! When class is not in session, the walls will be open to make the room available. If there is a class in session, you can also use the SkyStation kiosks along the walls of the Learning Commons area.

How do I reserve the “breakout” rooms?

At this time, the breakout rooms are not schedulable. They are “first come, first serve” but will be given priority to groups over individual study.

If you have additional questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know! Contact the IT Help Desk, now conveniently located across the hallway from the new Richel Learning Space. Additional contact information for the IT Help Desk, including operating hours, locations, and helpful FAQs, can be found on the web at



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