SLIM Welcomes New PhD Students

August 19, 2014

With the beginning of ESU’s fall 2014 semester, the School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) is welcoming 16 new students to the Doctor of Philosophy, Library and Information Management, degree program. Orientation was held on July 12 at ESU-KC. Ph.D. students’ first classes begin this week with enrolled in information transfer and research philosophy courses.

SLIM’s program, ESU’s only Ph.D. degree program, requires students to complete 90 credit hours; 34 credits may be accepted from previous graduate degrees. Courses are offered in a blended delivery model using technology-assisted instruction with face-to-face classes held at ESU-KC two times each semester for each three-credit hour course.

SLIM’s Ph.D. curriculum is interdisciplinary requiring foundational courses in the areas of information transfer, information psychology, administration, and organization of information. All students prepare for college teaching, and research through the study of research concepts and methods, conducting research as well as successfully presentation and defense of library and information science research that relates to contemporary professional problems associated with libraries and information organizations. There are opportunities for students to complete advanced work in concentration areas including instructional design technology, and information systems. A third concentration area, informatics, will be added this fall.

For more information about this program, please contact the program director, Dr. Mirah Dow, or the Dean of SLIM, Dr. Gwen Alexander

The Doctoral Program Handbook is online at



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