Volleyball team in China: Day 6

May 26, 2013

The Bird's Nest, an Olympic venue visited by the ESU volleyball team.

Wow, today is already day six of the trip it seems like we just got here… time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

Our scrimmage.We got the day started right away with a volleyball game at 9 am against Beijing Jiaotong University.  All of the teams over here are very good and this team wasn’t any different.  We started off really strong winning the first two games but then due to lack of conditioning because of taking the last two weeks off for finals we unfortunately lost the next three.  Even though we lost its still a victory cause uhhh, were in China!

Today was such a beautiful day so we decided to eat our scrumptious Subway outside.  After playing five games the sandwiches were downed in minutes.  While we were eating, a group of photographers with huge professional cameras walked up to us and started taking lots of pictures.  It was really weird but then we looked around and saw signs for a Canon Photo Marathon so instead of giving them boring pictures of us eating some of the girls decided to give them a show.  They started doing a model walk and posing for the camera, the people loved it!

Then we walked across the street to the Market to do some damage to the wallet.  It’s hard to describe what the market is like but just to give you the gist of it, picture five levels of MASS CHAOS!  There were booths and people everywhere yelling at you trying to get your attention to buy things.  If you so much as glance in their direction they bombard you with prices and won’t leave you alone until you pretty much run away.  Once we got the hang of it we were able to bargain and get some good gifts for us and people back at home.  Some of the popular finds were shoes, purses, wallets, pearls, and knick knacks.

Carving the duck for dinner.Next we were treated to a traditional Chinese dinner at a really fancy restaurant.  It was a Duck Roast and the duck was brought out and sliced in front of us.  I think we all agree that this dinner was our favorite meal of the trip so far.  Bing and Ping are so good to us!

To end the day we headed to the 2008 Beijing Olympic site.  We got to see the Bird’s Nest which is the main building and The Cube which is the aquatic center.  The structure and the bright lighting of the Bird’s Nest was absolutely breath taking.  It’s so cool to see the building where such talented and famous athletes played/performed.  Seeing all of the Olympic buildings was not only cool but it also is motivating to make us want to be better athletes and people.   

Hittin' up the market again tomorrow to see what other deals we can find.  We might even stop in for a pedicure because after all this volleyball and walking we all definitely could go for one… and a manicure… and a massage… and an ice bath.

Since were just shopping tomorrow there won’t be a Day 7 blog unless something spectacular happens.

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