Update on Yali Huang

May 17, 2013

In late February, Yali Huang was transferred from Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kan., to Shanghai Blue Cross Brain Hospital in China. A medical team developed a treatment plan that combined Eastern and Western medical practices. These included two sessions of acupuncture on her head each week as well as massage therapy on her head.

While there, Yali’s extended family was able to visit as well as her two younger brothers.

Yali’s condition slowly improved. Her tight muscles relaxed, letting her fingers and legs take a more natural, straight position. She began eating mashed-up cooked food. Her feeding tube remains in place, but is mostly used for to administer medicines, which have a bitter taste.

In April, Yali was transferred to a new public hospital — HuaShan Hospital Fudan University, one of the biggest hospitals in Shanghai. The move was difficult, and Yali has had some setbacks.

She ran a fever for a few days and lost weight; her father estimates 10 pounds. Scans show her brain has shrunk. Her new medical team is developing a new treatment plan, but, for now, Yali is no longer receiving acupuncture, massage therapy or Chinese medicine.

Yali’s mother remains in Shanghai with her, but Yali’s father and brothers returned home.

Donations for Yali’s care continue to be taken in through the Yali Recovery Fund in care of Bixiang Huang or Ruijie Huang at Capital Federal Savings.



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