Faculty recognized for assessment techniques

May 5, 2014

Five Emporia State faculty members have been named Assessment Champions by the university and the Office of Institution Research and Assessment. This new award recognizes the outstanding efforts of Emporia State University faculty in perpetuating exceptional learning experiences for our students using assessment as a change agent. 

The inaugural group is:

Christopher Blankenship – Chris is in the second year of coordinating and implementing portfolio analysis by English Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants in assessing students’ writing skill competencies for both EG101 and EG102 cohorts.  This work is highly recognized among assessment best practices and informs the continuous improvement of students’ written communication at ESU.  

Deborah Gerish – Deb is doing outstanding work in the implementation of course embedded assessments for “Teaching Writing & Critical Thinking with Targeted Assignments” which measure student learning in HI101.  Deb’s work spans multiple years and includes rubric analyses, scaffolding assignments, and tracking students’ feedback on learning effectiveness.  This cyclical assessment is worthy of emulation and confirms her commitments to successful student learning.  

Cynthia Kane – Cynthia recently presented research findings at the Higher Learning Commission 2014 Annual Conference on “Academic Libraries, Information Literacy Assessment, and Higher Education Accreditation.”  This work represents the culmination of her fall 2013 sabbatical research on the assessment of Information Literacy.  She continues her assessment of students’ Information Literacy skills in UL100 using Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education as supported by the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL).   

Brian Miller – Brian utilizes course embedded assessments in his HI111 course to measure student learning in forming a question, thinking critically, and using evidence to prove an argument.  He uses a rubric to score student mastery of these outcomes with the goal of improved student performance over the duration of the course.  His data supports continuous student improvements in these skill sets as students navigate the course curriculum.  Brian’s work is reported as a component of critical thinking for Kansas Board of Regents Student Learning Assessments.  

Kenna Reeves – Kenna has done great work in the assessment of verbal communication skills in her SP307 course by embedding a rubric analysis of two separate speeches for each term the course is taught.  She has three years of data and has brought assessment efforts full-circle with analysis of strengths and weaknesses and implementation of changes based on assessment findings.  Verbal communication is a highly regarded transferrable skill and Kenna’s assessment efforts support continuous improvements in student learning.  Her assessment work along with those of Brian, Chris, and Deb are shared in the Kansas Board of Regents report on Student Learning Assessments.

Each will receive a recognition plaque and a $250 stipend.



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