High Academic Standards and Affordable Tuition Rank the School of Business

May 2, 2014

The School of Business at Emporia State University has been listed as one of The 10 Most Affordable Business Schools in 2014 by Affordable Schools. Universities selected for this ranking encompass criteria such as high academic standards and curriculum, while offering affordable tuition. The ranking considers both undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as on-campus and online programs.

“The School of Business at Emporia State is accredited by AACSB International, a mark of excellence that acknowledges exceptional quality and continuous improvement,” explained Dr. Kristie Ogilvie, dean of the School of Business. “This ranking reflects that our school provides a collegiate experience focused on academic excellence, while remaining affordable to the student.”

Affordable Schools is an online resource for individuals to search out and select higher education institutions that reflect cost-effective tuition and high academic quality.

“Businesses strive to give their customers good value for their money. The School of Business at Emporia State exemplifies this,” said Dr. Ron Freeze, associate professor of information systems. “It is wonderful to be recognized for this achievement.”

Affordable Schools highlighted several attributes in the School of Business profile; AACSB accreditation, student to faculty ratio of 18:1 and scholarship opportunities for business students. Information was included on the Business Focus Group Lab and the access to internship and career opportunities offered to business students.

“Higher education is an investment in the future,” said Dr. Michael D. Shonrock, president of Emporia State University. “Our School of Business is an excellent example of quality education that is affordable.”

For more information on The 10 Most Affordable Business Schools visit http://affordableschools.net/the-10-most-affordable-business-schools.



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