On Both Sides of the Common Good

April 18, 2017

To facilitate friendly discussion on the topics of progressivism, conservatism and the common good, two ESU faculty members Thursday night will participate in a debate-style forum titled “Progressivism, Conservatism and the Common Good: A Friendly Discussion?”

ESU President Allison Garrett will moderate a debate-style forum with Professors Greg Schneider and Charles Brown.

Schneider, a historian and scholar of American conservatism, is speaking on the side of the conservatism. A frequent discussant at ESU and in Kansas, Schneider will draw on his extensive knowledge of conservative politics to articulate and defend his stance in regards for America’s greater good.

Brown, a philosopher, takes the opposing side of the debate. His in-depth knowledge of economic and political theory and environmental philosophy serve as the groundwork for his defense of American progressivism. Brown’s argument centers around the belief that progressivism can promote a more robust version of the common good.

The forum is sponsored by the Emporia University Alumni Association and will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 20 in the Theater Room of the Emporia Arts Council



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