Emporia State employees recognized for service

April 14, 2012

A combined total of 700 years of service on the part of 42 employees was honored Thursday, April 5, 2012, during Emporia State University’s Employee Service Recognition reception. Two staff members also were honored as ESU Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year and Outstanding Unclassified Professional Employee of the Year.

During the ceremonies, Dr. Michael D. Shonrock, ESU president, presented pins and other gifts to employees for their 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-year service anniversaries.

Karla Rodgers, Michael D. Shonrock, Stacey BraunKarla Rodgers, senior administrative assistant in counseling services, was named the 2012 Outstanding Classified Employee of the Year.

“She has served on the ESU Classified Assembly several times, most recently as Chair preparing white papers to the legislature, attending shared governance meetings with other campus leadership and serving on the intercollegiate counsel of classified employees for Kansas, all the while promoting ESU to the Kansas legislature, the Board of Regents, and the Emporia community,” said Lynn Hobson, associate vice-president for student life.

Hobson continued to quote from those who nominated Rodgers: “We believe this person to be particularly deserving this year, after dedicating a tremendous amount of time and thoughtful energy to helping select our new president and providing input to help shape his agenda in the coming year.  This Hornet treats duties and responsibilities enthusiastically and seriously, and as a result, has become a visible and effective ambassador for ESU.”

Stacey Braun, assistant director of the Student Advising Center, was awarded the 2012 Outstanding Unclassified Professional Employee of the Year.

In announcing Braun’s award, Dr. Jim Williams, vice-president for strategic partnerships, joked that Braun might also win an award for the highest number of business card changes because of the many positions she has held at the university.

“Information shared in the nomination letter spoke of campus involvement on numerous committees, presentations made to academic departments, the creation of a series of workshops and presentations related to collegiate success, and a focus on services and knowledge related to the student-athlete,” Williams said.

“To our students, Stacey is someone who will listen, someone they trust, and someone who truly cares about each student’s academic and personal success. She is passionate about their job and uses their talents to motivate and challenge, to assist and guide, and to support our students as they negotiate and experience their first year of college.  Stacey is an advocate for our students and they couldn’t have a better person in their court.”

Both awards come after nominations from co-workers and peers.

The following employees were honored for lengths of service:

10 years

Nancy Albrecht, Gwen Alexander, Daniel Arnold, Andra Baldwin, Marlin Ball, Bill Barnes, Joan Brewer, Sheri Brooks, Kelli Butler, Kevin Coulson, Dawn Courtney, Scott Dreasher, Gwenda Eidman, Angela Fullen, Loris Gilbert, Cathy Grover, Shannon Hall, Brian Hollenbeck, Dave Huddlestun, Susan Kendrick, Damon Leiss, Darla Mallein, Gary Rice, James Roach, Marjory Scrivner, Mary Sewell and Thomas Slocombe.

20 years

Kristi Bolen, Debra Rittgers, Roberta “Bo” Swanson, Ginger Tabares, Kenneth Thompson, John Toelle and LaDonna Vogts.

30 years

Roy Briggeman, Tes Mehring and Gary Reno.

40 years

Stu Ervay, Cooper Holmes, John Rich, Mel Storm and Al Ziesmer.

Employees honored for 40 years of service with President Michael D. Shonrock, middle.



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