Emporia State adopts two programs to increase student retention and improve academic success

April 4, 2012

Emporia State is the first university in Kansas to implement two programs in tandem to address the primary causes of academic failure and dropout — financial issues and the misuse of alcohol.

Through a partnership with EverFi, Inc., the university will implement two of the company’s learning platforms, AlcoholEdu® and Buttonwood™ Personal Finance and Student Loan Management with first-year students beginning in Fall 2012.

“Coming to college is a huge step for students,” said Lynn Hobson, Emporia State associate vice-president for student life. “As they become adults and learn to take control of their lives, we want them to have as many tools as possible to weigh decisions that could impact their futures.”

AlcoholEdu® is the only program scientifically proven to reduce the negative consequences of drinking that impede academic performance, such as missed classes, injuries and sexual assaults. The program incorporates the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience that inspires students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking.

It uses proprietary adaptive pathing to provide a highly personalized experience to all students, based on their drinking choices and readiness to change. The 2.5-hour course has a federal government study and eight published articles documenting its efficacy at reducing alcohol-related negative consequences.

Buttonwood™ is a turnkey solution to empower college students with the financial skills necessary to successfully manage their finances and loan responsibilities while in school and beyond and to minimize dropouts and student loan defaults through education.

The platform includes a compressed and sophisticated new-media presentation of key financial literacy concepts, complemented by an interactive, highly customized gaming simulation that provides a different experience for each individual. Buttonwood™ adapts to each user so that the educational content around loan management is most applicable to them.

In addition to adopting these critical programs, Emporia State has a created College Experience Seminar, a pilot program for Fall 2012 aimed at new students who have not declared a major. Students will earn one credit hour by completing the curriculum that focuses on social integration, personal efficacy, academic success and exploration of majors.

Emporia State’s adoption of Buttonwood™ personal finance program comes just weeks after the Kansas Securities Commissioner and Kansas Banking Commissioner announced a major statewide financial literacy initiative in Kansas schools, in partnership with local sponsor Capital City Bank. Together, they will bring the high-school based EverFi™ Financial Literacy learning platform to public high schools across the state, at no cost to the schools. Gov. Sam Brownback spoke at the launch event Feb. 28 at Shawnee Heights High School in Tecumseh to show his support for financial literacy education across Kansas.

About Emporia State University

Founded in 1863 as Kansas State Normal — the state’s premier institution to educate teachers — Emporia State University offers 42 undergraduate and 27 graduate degrees in the School of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Library and Information Management and The Teachers College. SLIM also offers a Ph.D. program.

The university is ranked as a Tier 1 Top 100 Regional University in the 2012 edition of “Best Colleges” compiled by U.S. News & World Report. The publication also cited ESU’s School of Business as a best value for both in-state and out-of-state students.

About EverFi, Inc.

EverFi, Inc. is the leading education technology platform company to teach, assess, and certify students in critical skills. EverFi’s education learning platforms include Financial Literacy, Student Loan Management, Digital Literacy, Cyberbullying, Alcohol Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness, and additional product areas to be announced in early 2012. The company is already powering a national movement in 50 states that enables adults and students to learn using the latest technology, including rich media, high-definition video, simulation, diagrams, and avatars.  More than 3 million students have completed EverFi platforms.



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