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New address, visual identity launched

March 31, 2014

In a move that hearkens to its historic founding, Emporia State University is entering its 151st year with a new address. Beginning Tuesday, April 1, the mailing address for the university will be 1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia, Kan., 66801-5415.

“April 1 may be known as April Fool’s, but no fooling, our address is changing,” said Dr. Michael D. Shonrock, president of Emporia State University.

The street that enters campus from the south and winds in front of Plumb Hall, the administration building, has long been named Kellogg Circle to honor Lyman B. Kellogg, first president of Emporia State University, which was founded as Kansas State Normal School in 1863.

“Our new address recognizes our first president and our 150th-year celebration,” Shonrock explained.

With the change, mail will now be addressed as:

Professor John Doe
Department of Music, Campus Box 4029
Emporia State University
1 Kellogg Circle
Emporia KS 66801-5415

Mail sent to the old address of 1200 Commercial St., will continue to be delivered to campus until Oct. 1, 2015. Although a full changeover of the address will take 18 months, 1 Kellogg Circle will begin appearing on university stationery and business cards immediately as part of the university’s new visual identity.

“As we ended our 150th-anniversary celebration, we needed a new identity to replace our 150 logo,” explained Umair Abbasi, executive director of Marketing and Media Relations, which oversaw the launch of the new identity.

Emporia State University’s new visual identity is a word mark using Life font.

“The Life font is a solid style that evokes the strong traditions we have at Emporia State University while also being modern enough to represent us well into the future,” said Abbasi.

For most areas of campus, the word mark is combined with the I’m A Hornet brand that was launched in 2013 in student recruitment materials.

As part of the new visual identity, the Power E transitions to a spirit mark that is affiliated with the athletic department, campus recreational sports teams and student groups. Mascot Corky the Hornet, which is copyrighted by its creator, ESU alum Paul Edwards, remains unchanged.



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