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Experience International Cultures with ESU Students

March 30, 2018

April provides two opportunities to discover the world without leaving Kansas thanks to events sponsored by Emporia State University’s global community.

On Saturday, April 7, ESU international students will present “Diversi-tea and Coffee,” an international tea party featuring students — and teas — from Saudi Arabia, Panama, Romania, South Korea, Morocco, China, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Syria, Turkmenistan and France.

The free event, from 1 to 3 p.m. on the third floor of the Lyon County History Center, is family friendly and will include cultural presentations such as traditional Korean costumes, traditional tea demonstrations from different countries and musical performances from international students.

The following week — Saturday, April 14 — students will present the annual International Food Festival. Held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Webb Hall on the second floor of ESU’s Memorial Union, students will showcase their native countries through food.

Each food item is priced between $1 and $8 so they can be mixed to make a meal. Items include:

  • Ecuadorian bolon (mashed cheesy plantain with bacon bites) and tres leches (cake);
  • Bolivian Sonso (baked yucca with cheese butter and milk);
  • Saudi Arabian Kabsah (rice and chicken), Sambosa (bread rolls with meat, cheese or veggie), Makroni (spaghetti with ground meat), and Basbousa (sweet cake- dessert);
  • Pakistani Biryani (chicken, rice, potato and spices), Raita (yogurt and mint)
  • Egyptian Koffta (beef), yogurt
  • Tunisian Brik (egg rolls), tuna fish, biscuits and dessert
  • Korean Bulgogi, fried fish ball and rice ball;

The food festival also includes cultural entertainment, including Pakistani dances, henna tattoos from Egyptian students and musical performances showcasing China and Panama.



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